Driving innovation through curiosity

At Foamblock, we’re committed to raising the bar in education by stimulating the next generation’s sense of wonder. Curiosity is what fuels breakthroughs and innovations that deliver progress spurring forward the human race.

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Creativity expresses itself at all ages.


Creating unique learning experiences

We live in a time when the best thinkers are needed to develop solutions to global challenges like climate change. That’s why we encourage the next generation of creative thinkers to open their minds, discover more about the world, and, most importantly, learn more about themselves through unique challenges and learning experiences.

STEAM unlike anything you’ve seen

Unique learning and teaching experiences

Hands-on approach to classroom learning

Future-forward educational projects

Sustainable, cost-effective and adapted to a variety of schools

A learning journey from A to Zephyr

Our flagship STEAM learning experience, Project Zephyr, pushes students’ boundaries by having them create a vehicle from scratch. It’s a journey of self-discovery for students aged 12+, an opportunity to hone their soft skills while delving deeper into STEAM learning.

Creativity leads the way

Project Hermes invites children between 7-11 to express their creativity and have fun experimenting with building a cart using the same construction process as Project Zephyr. It’s a learning journey that helps them develop future-proof skills.

Delivering STEAM

We help schools deliver STEAM in unique ways that attract more students and set them apart from the competition. We designed the learning experiences to be sustainable, cost-effective and adaptable to various facilities and school needs.

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Featured in @BSB

Featured in @BSB Together with the British School of Bucharest (https://www.britishschool.ro/) we tested their students’ vehicles in preparation

Feb 15, 2023Read more

BETT 2022

BETT 2022 We had a great time showcasing The Arctic Challenge, Project Zephyr and Project Hermes at BETT 2022.​It was fantastic to see so many faces

Feb 15, 2023Read more

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